Mitch Greer

Transgender Fashion Icon – Sydney

Mitch Greer is effortlessly forging her own path as Australia’s premier transgender fashion icon and influencer based in Sydney.

Mitch always knew she was different from others. Never resenting it, instead using it to fuel her passion for all things beauty and fashion. These gave her the strength to be her true and authentic self which organically saw her loyal following grow. Known for her love of beautiful things, Mitch often heard “this not a fashion show” from those around her.

In high school, her uniform of choice, the iconic Birkin bag, was criticised for not fitting her school books. She confesses, “fashion is almost always chosen over function”, and is now a regular at Australian Fashion Week. Her love of high fashion is particularly apparent when scrolling through Mitch’s artfully curated Instagram feed, the self-confessed ‘perfectionist’ holds everything she does to the highest standard. 
With over 20k Instagram followers, Mitch’s unique circumstances are of interest and intrigue to many, whilst being a voice for those who feel different.

Mitch is now available for all like-minded partnerships in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space.