Stacey Keillah

Mother & Content Creator – QLD

Stacey Keillah’s social media page is a refreshing follow, encompassing style, beauty, health, motherhood and much more. Her aesthetic and effortlessly modern style makes her the go to woman for like-minded brands.

You might recognise her as a former contender on My Kitchen Rules, teamed up with her super-smiley partner Ash.

Since giving birth to her beautiful baby Jaiya, Stacey has since become a style icon for the modern mum. Stacey shares her experiences of motherhood all while maintaining her signature aesthetic. Effortlessly adding parenting and motherhood to her typical offering, Stacey covers fashion, firsthand parenting experiences and baby related reviews. When she’s not in her gorgeous South Australian abode, you can find her at the beach with her family.

Stacey has partnered with a variety of brands across fashion and beauty, working on countless collaborations and projects. Notably, she has worked with brands such as Lovekins, Princess Polly and Jurlique just to shortlist a few.

Stacey’s social media is a polished and professional tone with an incredible ability to translate trends for everyday life which makes her posts relevant and inspiring.

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