The Ministry of Talent is a global creative talent management group that specialises in digital influencers.

Home to diverse line-up of leading lifestyle and creative talent, The Ministry of Talent offers an infinite world of possibility for brands looking to connect, be seen and create inspiring content. The Ministry of Talent roster covers influencers across the spectrum from fashion, beauty, travel, design and photography to parenting, interiors, nutrition, food styling, illustration, wellbeing, fitness and more.

Since launching in 2012, The Ministry of Talent has positioned itself as the industry leader, constantly setting new benchmarks with spectacular collaborations and partnerships. As Australia’s first dedicated influencer management agency, The Ministry of Talent is the destination of choice for brands that want to harness the incredible power of social media.

Social media has forever changed the way the world communicates, providing endless opportunities to connect and platforms to share creativity with the world. The Ministry of Talent specialises in connecting brands with the perfect influencers to share their story, showcase their offering in unforgettable ways and to ensure they’re the most talked about and desired.

The Ministry of Talent is driven by a relentless quest to seek the new, inspiring and innovative. With a passionate team of social media and digital experts, The Ministry of Talent works closely with clients, providing expert guidance and a seamless experience to create authentic, powerful and unforgettable influencer X brand collaborations.

Whether it’s hosting a live workshop or in-store event, styling your wares, photographing spectacular imagery, creating bespoke illustrations, food styling, custom recipe development, filming beauty tutorials, travel writing or content creation, The Ministry of Talent can make it happen.


Roxy Jacenko

In 2004, at just 24, Roxy founded Sweaty Betty PR, which rapidly became Australia's leading PR agency, specialising in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle - at one point representing over 150 brands. Sweaty Betty PR's reputation for excellence and creativity made it the go-to agency for brands seeking dynamic PR strategies and need it now desirability.


In 2012, Roxy launched The Ministry of Talent, Australia's first
dedicated digital influencer management agency. The Ministry of Talent redefined influencer collaborations, connecting brands with influencers across various industries, from fashion and beauty to travel and wellness. For the next decade, Roxy continued to launch a series of other successful businesses, including Pixies Bows, Pixies Pix, XRJCelebrations and Roxy Jacenko Accessories.

In 2023, Roxy transitioned to focusing solely on The Ministry of Talent, where she continues to redefine influencer collaborations and brand partnerships as she
works remotely from Singapore.

Roxy is also an accomplished author with four fiction books and a children's book. She also wrote a nonfiction book, Roxy's Little Black Book of Tips and Tricks, released in 2018. Roxy's Tips and Tricks live seminars, launched in 2016,
became a sell-out phenomenon, with thousands attending her candid and insightful events from around the globe. Roxy has regularly appeared on morning television and radio as a guest and starred in the 2013 season of Celebrity Apprentice. In 2019, she launched her own reality TV show, I am Roxy, on Channel TEN, which offers a behind-the-scenes look into her glamorous, “I don’t know how she does it all” lifestyle.